Upcoming Events

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Upcoming Events

Spring Music Program

Wed Apr 9 (6 pm)

The fifth grade strings will perform at 6 p.m. followed by the fourth grade’s presentation of Music Matters by Teresa Jennings. It will be a wonderful night of celebrating music!

Spring Break

Mon-Fri Apr 14 - 18

School will be closed


In the News

Registering a New Student?

  • Our office is open! Come in between 8am and 4pm, Monday through Friday to register any new child eligible to attend Rosemont Forest. Any questions about what to bring when registering your children, email dagjeto@vbschools.com for information.

RoFo Reading Teacher of the Year

  • Mrs. Melissa Spivey was awarded Rosemont Forest's Reading Teacher of the Year Award for this school year. Mrs. Spivey is one of our fifth grade Language Arts teachers. Congratulations, Mrs. Spivey!

RoFo Teacher of the Year

  • Mrs. Barbara Swilley was awarded Rosemont Forest'sTeacher of the Year Award for this school year. Mrs. Swilley is one of our fifth grade math and content teachers. Congratulations, Mrs. Swilley!

RoFo Teacher Assistant of the Year

  • Ms. Nicole Farley was awarded Rosemont Forest's Teacher Assisstant of the Year Award for this school year. Ms. Farley is our security assistant, however she does much more and is quick to offer help in any situation. Congratulations, Ms. Farley!

Upcoming Important Dates

  • April 12: Adjusted Dismissal, End of Quarter 3
  • April 13: Staff Day, No School
  • April 14: Begin Quarter 4
  • April 19: Report Cards Issued
  • May 19: SOL Grade 4 Reading I
  • May 20: SOL Grade 4 Reading II
  • May 23: SOL Grade 4 Math I
  • May 24: SOL Grade 4 Math II
  • May 25: SOL Grade 5 Reading I
  • May 26: SOL Grade 5 Reading II
  • May 27: SOL Make ups/ Expedited Testing
  • May 30: Memorial Day, No School
  • May 31: SOL Grade 5 Math I
  • June 1: SOL Grade 5 Math II
  • June 2: SOL Grade 3 Reading I
  • June 3: SOL Grade 3 Reading II
  • June 6: SOL Grade 3 Math I
  • June 7: SOL Grade 3 Math II
  • June 8: SOL Grade 5 Science
  • June 9: SOL Grade 5 History
  • June 10-16: SOL Make ups/Expedited Testing
  • June 17: Adjusted Dismissal, Last Day of School


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